Connecting to People Instead of Platforms

Authenticity is an important consideration when consumers when determining which brands they like and support.

People-focused imagery increases conversions.

Message retention rates for video are exceptional compared to photo message retention.

Now, more than ever, consumers are looking to have authentic interactions with brands online. In fact, 90% of consumers consider authenticity to be an important factor in determining which brands they like and support. Although the global pandemic of 2020 accelerated a digital shift for businesses all over the world, many brands lost sight of their voice and identity; getting so swept up in digital platforms and best practices that they forgot who all their efforts were for: other human beings.

Businesses relying on keyword-heavy blog articles to attract their target audiences might be pleasing Google— but what about pleasing people? Here’s how small businesses can create more authentic, human-centered experiences for their consumers online:

“Marketing has always been about understanding people and acting on that knowledge. A key difference in 2021 is that marketers are able to know more than ever. It’s the rise of the psychologist, and the rise of the digital marketer.” 

Caroline Tien-Spalding, CMO at Aptology via HubSpot

3 Ways SMBs Can Create Human-Centered Experiences for Consumers

1. Use Visuals of People

Human beings have been using images to share information with each other since ancient times (think: cave paintings). Featuring people-focused imagery on your website, socials, and other digital platforms promotes trustworthiness with consumers and creates a stronger emotional connection between themselves and your brand—increasing conversion rates as a result. Choose photos that enable visitors to picture themselves benefitting from your product or service in a similar way to the people in the images. Opt for “real” photos over stock imagery whenever possible.

2. Build Stronger Bonds with Video

Video content marketing does an excellent job of telling a brand’s story and engaging a targeted audience. Compared to images, videos tend to be more immersive, more informative, and more attention-grabbing. According to HubSpot:

  • 78% of marketers report video has improved their company’s bottom line
  • 86% of brands use video as a marketing tool in 2021
  • 94% of marketers say videos improve understanding of their product or service
  • 96% of video marketers plan to increase or continue their video spend in 2021
  • 99% of video marketers will continue using video in 2021

“95% of a message customers see in a video remains with them. This is something you can’t pull off with photos.”

Want to get started with video? Check out our on-demand trainings:

3. Create a Reliable Brand Voice that Resonates with Your Audience

The words and imagery you use to express your brand’s messaging make up your brand’s voice. Because familiarity builds trust, consistently communicating in a specific voice is essential because it delivers information to customers in a style that they are acquainted with. Learn more about how to determine your brand voice here.

Additional Resources:

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