How Data Makes Good Stores Better: A Webinar for Jewelers & Luxury Retailers


Save the date: on Monday, February 26th, at 2 pm est, David Geller, author of Geller’s Blue Book and a Quickbooks/POS expert will join Jennifer Shaheen, the Technology Therapist, to present “How Data Makes Good Stores Better.”

Today’s jewelry customer expects a highly tailored shopping experience, on and offline. To provide this, jewelers need objective, accurate information about who their customers are, their shopping behaviors, product preferences and more.  During “How Data Makes Good Stores Better”, you’ll learn about the information contained in the data from your POS, website, email, mobile and social media, and how to use that information to make better business decisions, lower advertising costs, and generate more sales.

Are You Feeling Forgotten by Your Community?

Many independent jewelers are family businesses. In some cases, they’ve been serving their communities for generations. In many cases, these are the jewelers who are having a hard time staying connected to their customers. Being able to make use of data is particularly important to these jewelers because data provides fresh, objective insights that can be very different from what that jeweler ‘knows’ about their business. Data can help jewelers assess the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns they’re running, making it easier to get greater reach without spending more money.

Are You A Brand New Jewelry Store Struggling to Find Customers?

It’s no picnic being the new kid on the block. When you’re a new or emerging jewelry retailer that’s struggling to claim your share of the market, it’s important to make the most of every opportunity. When you know how to use your data properly, you can identify sales trends as they form, understand which of your customers are most likely to buy, and even when and how they’re browsing your store. Give yourself a real competitive advantage by learning how to use your data effectively.

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How Data Makes Good Stores Better: A Webinar for Jewelers & Luxury Retailers
Article Name
How Data Makes Good Stores Better: A Webinar for Jewelers & Luxury Retailers
Collecting customer data can help you understand who your customers are, which can help you provide a tailored shopping experience for them.

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