DIY Digital Marketing Online Training - 2 Affordable Options

Trying to Build Your Digital Marketing DIY Skills? Why Live Training Makes Sense

Trying to Build Your Digital Marketing DIY Skills? Why Live Training Makes Sense

The current situation has led many small business owners to take on the challenge of doing their own digital marketing. Promoting your business on social media, using email marketing to connect with customers, and creating effective digital advertising can be done – if you know what you are doing.

What’s the Best Way to Boost Your DIY Marketing Skills?

Doing it by yourself doesn’t mean learning it by yourself. Most people acquire new skills through a combination of independent study and interactive instruction from a teacher or guide. The interactivity is crucial: being able to ask questions and receive answers that are specifically relevant to your business in real time helps you absorb, retain, and act on what you’ve learned.

If you’ve ever struggled to implement the small business marketing tips you’ve seen on YouTube or read about online, it could very well be you need interactive instruction to do your best work. Most people do. The fastest way to get answers to your questions is to ask someone who knows – otherwise, you’re stuck doing hours of research on your own trying to figure it out.

Also true: Most people learn best when the learning experience is short, focused, and to the point. That’s why even though the online courses on video learning platforms like Coursera include top quality material from some of the world’s most famous universities and best teachers, 97% of students never complete the courses they signed up for. There’s just too much work involved, and it takes a ton of time and energy to get through it all.

Introducing 2 Live Learning Options: Step-by-Step Training & Power Hours

So to sum up: the best learning experience for almost everyone is an interactive, focused session. Everybody’s doing the social distancing thing right now, which means these trainings need to happen online. With that in mind, we’ve created two kinds of learning experiences for business owners who need to build their Digital Marketing skill set fast.

Step-By-Step Trainings are guided sessions focused on one specific digital marketing platform. You’ll learn best practices and necessary action steps to use this tool more effectively to promote your business. Every participant has their specific business questions answered. Recent and upcoming Step-By-Step Trainings topics include Facebook & Instagram Ads, Facebook Creator Studio and more.

Power Hours offer a more interactive learning experience. Each session is focused on a specific Digital Marketing challenge. We bring together our relevant team experts to focus on your business questions. Sessions are limited so everyone gets a significant amount of one-on-one time. Listening to other participant’s questions and solutions enriches the learning experience with real world examples.

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