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Exclusive Offers Drive Sales

Exclusive Offers Drive Sales

When something is exclusive, it means “Not for everybody”. In romance, reaching the point of exclusivity can be a major milestone. It means you’re not interested in having other people involved in the relationship – it’s just you and your special someone.

Customers want to be treated like they’re a special someone. While obviously you can’t offer the 1 on 1 type of experience exclusivity means in the personal realm, there are ways to use digital marketing tools to strengthen the bond between you and your customers.

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The Exclusive Email List

It’s very common to entice people to sign up for your email list with the promise of exclusive deals and offers. But how often are those deals actually specific to email list subscribers? If you’re using your list to promote the same offers you’re sharing with everyone, you’re missing an opportunity.  Reinforce your appreciation for their attention by offering savings that can only be accessed by using a code you share via email on a semi-regular basis. Check redemption rates to see how powerful these offers are!

Exclusivity on Social Media?

While emails can be seen only by the people they’re sent to, social media posts can be seen by anyone. Boost your follower count, build brand awareness, and attract new customers by offering exclusive offers to people who engage with you on social media. The easiest way to do this is to reward followers, but some brands have had great success by making discount codes available to shoppers who make a comment on a specific post within a specific time frame.

Everyone Likes to be a VIP

The key to the exclusive relationship is the feeling that you’re special, that you stand out, that you’re an important individual in a crowded world – in other words, personal attention. Every so often, review your personalization efforts. Are you greeting customers by name in the store as well as online? Do you provide retargeted ads to help your shoppers choose the items they really want? Do you have chat available to answer customer questions? Paying attention to these details will help all of your customers feel like they’re VIPs – and that’s good news for your business.

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