Using Digital Ads to Boost SMB Sales for Valentine's Day

Falling in Love with Digital Advertising

Falling in Love with Digital Advertising

The six-week time span between New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day presents a more valuable sales opportunity than some might think— but what’s the best way for startups and small businesses to leverage their sales opportunities in the season of love?

Considering that 32% of people do their Valentine’s Day shopping online, digital advertising makes sense. Keep reading to discover the value of digital advertising for ecommerce brands this Valentine’s Day…

The Advantages of Digital Advertising

It’s impossible to overstate the value that digital advertising holds for startup companies and small businesses. Compared to traditional ads, digital advertisements allow smaller brands to connect with the right people at the right time, with more bang for their buck. Digital ads also allow for more targeted, cost-effective campaigns with wider reach and higher levels of engagement.

What’s more, because the majority of consumers take to the world wide web prior to making a purchase, digital advertising allows you to meet your consumers where they are. The result? More meaningful sales opportunities.

Valentine’s Day Sales Opportunities: Couples & Beyond

Sure, Valentine’s Day is an important gift-giving holiday for couples in love, but there’s a whole world of potential sales opportunities that exists outside of couples. In fact, Ypulse shares that 73% of respondents consider Valentine’s Day an excellent opportunity to show friends and family that they love and care for them.

Other important statistics to consider:

  • Younger millennials are most likely to spend money on Valentine’s Day, with 86% of younger millennials planning to spend on their significant other, and 69% expecting their partner to spend on them in return. (according to Bankrate).

According to

  • 15% of younger millennials (ages 23-29) spend an average of $500 or more on their partners for Valentine’s Day.
  • People in the US mostly spend on a gift for a girlfriend, a wife, a husband, and a boyfriend, but also on other family members, a friend, and a pet dog.
  • US men spend an average of $339 on Valentine’s gifts.

In other words, Valentine’s sales opportunities exist within gift-giving family members, thoughtful, considerate friends, paw-loving pet owners, and don’t forget self-purchasers looking to treat themselves to a little something special for the holiday!

Want to sell to the self-purchaser, gain the attention of the gift-giver, and show your customers you love them while highlighting products that’ll make them swoon? Capitalize on Cupid by creating digital ads that convert!

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