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It’s All Fun & Games: Gamifying Your Engagement

It’s All Fun & Games: Gamifying Your Engagement

Using games and quizzes can be a great way to engage your customers. Whether it’s for a holiday, part of a promotion, or just because, check out how you can use gamification to add some fun to your small business’s digital marketing efforts!

What Is Gamification?




  1. apply typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to (an activity), typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.¹

If there’s one thing everybody loves, it’s a good game. Whether solo, with a partner, or alongside a team— a good game encourages players to apply strategies and tactics that accomplish a particular goal while adhering to a certain set of rules. Most often, point-scoring, time-keeping, and challenging competition is involved, creating an exciting and immersive atmosphere for players that allows them to sharpen their knowledge or a particular set of skills.

Gamification – which can be described as the concept of applying game-like elements to non-gaming contexts – is a great way for small businesses to increase user engagement with their products or services.

Benefits of Gamification for Startups & Small Businesses

Used in a variety of fields (think: business, education, life coaching), gamification creates an exciting and competitive environment that motivates players to explore, learn, test, and achieve.

As more and more people resort to conducting their daily personal and professional interactions online, gamification is quickly becoming one of the most popular and effective ways to improve consumer engagement and conversions. In fact, data usage for online gaming was shown to have increased 75% from one week to the next at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic², signifying that users of all ages are looking for fresh, exciting ways to entertain themselves online in this increasingly digital world.

Gamifying your digital marketing efforts can work wonders for your brand by motivating users to connect and interact with your business in a fun, stimulating way. As humans, we want to be entertained. Gamification allows brands to meet this need while also presenting consumers with a new way to interact with the brands they love. What’s more, gamification allows brands to present incentives to potential and existing consumers, ultimately generating more leads, purchases, and conversions across the board.

How to Gamify Your Marketing

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