The Final Countdown: Social Media Advertising Hacks to Boost Last Minute Holiday Sales


There are at least two types of holiday shoppers: the group that finished everything up – including wrapping and tagging their presents – in August, and those people who are almost ready to start their shopping. There’s nothing you can do to reach the first group at this point, so let’s concentrate on the second.

Did you know you can target your social media ads to reach holiday shoppers?

It’s true. Facebook tracks user activity intently, and they know which people have spent the most time looking at your page and pages like yours in the period leading up to Christmas. If you want to reach these engaged shoppers, target your ads through the behavior tab, choosing seasonal & events to connect effectively.

Remarketing really works.

As time grows short, holiday shoppers feel pressure to make a decision. Use remarketing to bring the potential gift ideas they’ve already considered back to their attention. Tailor your ad with language highlighting the item’s gift appeal, any savings you might be offering, and if applicable, delivery options that will get the purchase there in time for the holidays.

Use countdown imagery to drive urgency.

Believe it or  not, there are people who go through life completely unaware of how little time remains between now and Christmas morning. Use visuals or videos to prompt them to action – and don’t forget to remind them how good they’ll feel when all of the holiday shopping is done.

Give gift cards some time in the spotlight.

After a certain point – December 20th for most folks – packages aren’t going to arrive in time without paying extra for shipping. Gift cards are an easy, instant gift – make sure your customers know they’re available. For best results, let people know what denominations you offer, as well as any specials you might be offering. Have an email ready to introduce yourself to gift card recipients after the holidays – it’s a simple way to boost sales!

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The Final Countdown: Social Media Advertising Hacks to Boost Last Minute Holiday Sales
Trying to drive some last minute customers to your site for holiday shopping? Here are some last minute holiday advertising tips!

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