How Instagram’s “Suggested Posts” Feature Benefits Your Business

How Instagram’s “Suggested Posts” Feature Benefits Your Business

How Instagram’s “Suggested Posts” Feature Benefits Your Business

This past summer, Instagram rolled out a “suggested posts” feature to give users more to explore once they’d reached the end of their following feed. Here’s what this potentially means for your business:

“You’re All Caught Up”—But Are You?

In 2018, Instagram added a feature similar to Facebook’s “time well spent” approach that let users know when they were finished catching up on the latest updates from people and brands they follow. The purpose in doing so was to make users more mindful of how they spent their time while in the app. Upon seeing the “You’re All Caught Up” notification, users could feel free to explore other tabs on the app knowing there was nothing new to see in their main feed. For those of us who like to make sure we don’t miss a beat on social, this feature served us well by helping to eliminate our FOMO (fear of missing out) on our friends’ latest posts.

Expand Your Reach with Instagram’s “Suggested Posts” Feature

Then, in August of 2020, the platform added another new feature. Below the “You’re All Caught Up” notification, Instagram tacked on a “Suggested Posts” feed filled with content recommendations users are likely to engage with based on their previous activities.  In other words, once users have finished scrolling through photo and video updates from the people and brands they follow, Instagram suggests fresh content based on their individual browsing preferences.

With the platform moving closer and closer to eCommerce, the “Suggested Posts” feature certainly proves beneficial for businesses looking to expand their reach on Instagram. The new update paves yet another pathway for brands seeking to put their products and/or services in front of interested customers. What’s more, it creates additional reach opportunities for those willing to pay for ad space in the expanded listings.

Is Your Social Media Working for You?

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