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How to Activate Direct Messaging on Pinterest to Connect with Customers

Key Takeaways:

What is Pinterest, and how does it work?

So – what is Pinterest, and how does it work? Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share and discover new interests by posting (a.k.a “pinning”) images, links to products, or blogs to their board. You can also browse what other users have pinned and some optional notes-to-self about the post’s value, which come together to form a “pin.” Pins can be arranged on boards, different boards, and further categorized into sub-boards. Think of it as a virtual mood board where you can collate social images, bits of writing, and more around a central idea.

Pinterest, like other social networks, can perform standard social networking functions. Such as following friends, liking and commenting on other users’ boards, re-pinning content to their own boards, sharing others’ media on Facebook and Twitter or via email, run a search, and even embedding individual pins on their website or blog, which is why Pinterest is an effective tool for getting started with content marketing.

Pinterest is great for driving traffic and sales. And most importantly for businesses, Pins help people find more information on products they’re looking to buy. Research shows that Pinterest users are uniquely positioned to make purchases off the platform as they have buying power in their households – and they even like seeing ads!

How to use Pinterest for Business

Using Pinterest for business is a GOOD idea! Aside from the impressive facts already mentioned, there are tons of great reasons why your eCommerce business should be on Pinterest and have a Pinterest marketing strategy.

  • To stay competitive: Two-thirds of all Pins are from a business website, and everything from big brands to small businesses uses it. And most importantly, your competitors use it!
  • To become more discoverable: Pins make you and your products discoverable since every pin links back directly to the source, so the potential for driving traffic is huge.
  • Engage with your customers: It provides you with an opportunity to engage with potential and current customers to gain valuable insight into their likes and what they are passionate about.
  • For the love of everything SEO: SEO is essential for driving you up Google’s rankings and making you discoverable. Pinterest is a powerful tool for this.
  • Helps build brand image: It builds and reinforces your content strategy and brand image. From regularly appearing on your followers’ homepages to creating boards that reflect your brand’s identity- it is the perfect platform to visually tell customers who you are and what you’re about.

This 2-minute tutorial will show you how to set up direct messaging to better connect with your customers.

Come up with a few response templates based on your content and the questions you expect to receive via Pinterest messages. That way, when the messages start rolling in, you’re ready with fast answers!

How to Turn on Direct Messaging on Pinterest Business Accounts

By default, Pinterest users with business accounts cannot send or receive direct messages. However, you can turn this feature on whenever you want. When it is activated, your page will be updated with a “Message” button that visitors can use to send you a message, AND you will also be able to reply to messages as well.

Log in to your business account:

  • Locate the directional chevron down icon in the top-right corner to open your menu and click on it.
  • In the menu that opens up, click Settings.
  • From there, click Account Settings from the left-side navigation.
  • Scroll down to Messaging Options and check Turn on direct messaging from your business profile under Pinterest Messages.
  • Click Done at the top of the page.

It’s that simple!

Business accounts help brands, creators, and merchants to get more out of Pinterest. You’ll get access to analytics, ads, and exclusive content formats. Business accounts are free, and it’s quick to sign up.

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