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Pandemic Proven: Pinterest’s Power for Small Business

Pandemic Proven: Pinterest’s Power for Small Business

During the shutdown, we learned that when people can’t get out, they spend a lot of time on their phone scrolling through social media. Pinterest was enjoying significant growth before the pandemic. Once everyone was stuck at home, the platform saw an influx of even more new users, and users spent a lot of time on Pinterest.

The pandemic has offered new fuel for the visual commerce trend, Amy Vener, Pinterest’s global head of retail strategy and marketing, said in Retailer Leader. “While it’s been harder to physically browse the aisles of stores over the past few months, people are increasingly coming to Pinterest to visually search and shop the online catalogs of retailers,” she said.

What is Visual Commerce?

Visual commerce is merchandising for online retail. You know how in the brick and mortar setting when you want to draw customer attention to a particular piece of merchandise, extra care goes into the display? Visual commerce is the same thing online. Using visual components that allow customer to interact with your merchandise and better envision its role in your life attracts attention – and Pinterest’s Lens tool allows scrollers to become shoppers without ever leaving the platform, which means more sales for you.

The 3 Critical Components of Visual Commerce You Need to Succeed on Pinterest

  1. Engaging product videos
    • Individual product videos as well as product galleries
  1. Multi-angle product photos
    • Capture every detail a shopper might want to see
  1. Authentic user-generated content
    • Includes images, videos, social media posts & more

Putting the Pieces Together: Getting Started on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform for discovery, especially for lifestyle, jewelry, and apparel brands, as well as any business with a DIY component. If you need help getting started on Pinterest, or you’re already on Pinterest and need help attracting more attention & making more sales, let us know. We’re here to help.

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