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Here’s a Google Change You’ll Want to Know About

Here’s a Google Change You’ll Want to Know About

Google Chrome is, by far, the most popular web browser. In March of 2020, 49.3% of people going online used Chrome to do so. For that reason, it’s very important for business owners to pay attention to any changes Google makes to Chrome – the odds are pretty good that close to half of all of your customers are using it.

Google Chrome Will No Longer Display Full URL’s in the Address Bar

In June, Google announced that future editions of the browser will only show a website’s domain name in the browser bar. For example, when you’re reading this blog post, instead of seeing in the address bar, all you’ll see is

If for whatever reason a website visitor wants to be able to see the page’s full URL, they’ll be able to do so by hovering over the browser bar. At that point, the full URL address will be displayed.

Why is this change being made?

Why is Google making this change? At this point, there is no definitive answer, only speculation from the web development community based on previous interactions with Google. One reason may be to make the experience of using Chrome more consistent with that of using other web browsers, namely Safari. Another consideration may be that the use of simpler, shorter domain names in the URL will make it easier for web visitors to tell authentic sites from their fraudulent imitators. Google engineers have mentioned this previously, so security may be a primary driver of this change.

When is Google Chrome update happening?

The next Google Chrome update is scheduled for August 25th. There will be other changes happening at this time, including blocking the auto-download of executable files and other security driven changes that we’ll appraise you of as more information becomes available.

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