The #1 Mistake Most Small Business Owners Make With Their Google Ads

What’s the #1 Mistake Most Small Business Owners Make With Their Google Ads?

What’s the #1 Mistake Most Small Business Owners Make With Their Google Ads?

Google Ads are powerful – two-thirds of shoppers click on at least one Google Ad when they’re searching. Clicks on paid links – another way to say ad – convert twice as much as links to organic content, such as a blog entry.

That being said, Google Ads aren’t exactly easy to create and deploy. In fact, there’s one common error that many small business owners make that prevents them from using Google Ads effectively. The business owners who make this error are the ones who say the following things:

  • I’m spending a ton of money on PPC advertising but the return just isn’t there.
  • There’s no point to Google Ads because the best keywords are too expensive.
  • No one’s clicking on my ads, so what’s the point?

Spending money without getting results equals frustration and stress. To eliminate the headache from Google Ads, you have to begin with the answer to this one simple question:

What do you want your Google Ads to do and how are you going to measure this?

The #1 mistake most small business owners make with their Google Ads is they don’t identify a conversion point. A conversion point is any measurable action your customer takes after they click on your Google Ad.

For example, if a customer clicks on your ad, goes to your website, and immediately makes a purchase, that’s a conversion. But that’s not the only possible conversion. Other conversion points include actions like watching a video, downloading a special report, or signing up for a newsletter.

But nearly half of the people who are running Google Ads don’t have conversion tracking in place – and of the people who do have it set up, a not-insignificant percentage don’t have it set up correctly. Simply fixing this one common error can boost the ROI of your Google Ads significantly.

Learn How to Optimize Your Google Ads for Conversions

We work with Google Ads every day. Technology Therapy Group also offers live, step-by-step training twice a week that can bring you up to speed, including a Step-by-Step Training: Getting Started with Google Ads session that covers everything you need to know to get better results from your Google Ads. You’ll learn about the various ad types, how to connect your Google accounts, and what Google Ad extensions are and why you want them.

All of our training sessions features an Open Q&A session so you can have your specific Google Ad questions answered. It’s a great learning opportunity for the busy business owner.

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