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From Scrolling to Sold: Selling Products on Instagram


Instagram allows some businesses to spotlight their products in posts, live streams, and ads.

Cart abandonment accounts for more than 75% of lost sales.

Reducing the steps between discovery and checkout can improve sales.

Not all businesses will have access to the Direct Checkout feature on Instagram, but you can check your eligibility in 3 simple steps.

Instagram keeps making it even easier for users to impulsively purchase the products they see on influencer accounts or from the brands they follow. Now there’s a checkout process built right into the app for eligible businesses. Here’s what you need to know:

Insta-Purchase with New Direct Checkout

Meet your consumers where they are with Instagram’s new direct checkout feature. Direct checkout on Instagram now allows users to purchase products without ever having to leave the app, streamlining the path to purchase with immediate in-app checkout. Whether you’re spotlighting your products in live streams, Instagram advertisements, or regular posts, your audience can now purchase your products in just a few taps without ever losing their place in their news feed. 

How Instagram’s Direct Checkout Eliminates Barriers to Purchase

According to ChannelSight, the average online store loses over 75% of its sales to cart abandonment, with some industries experiencing average cart abandonment as high as 83.6%. The reason why consumers often leave their carts so abruptly has a lot to do with a business’s checkout process.  

Despite being counterintuitive, many businesses expect consumers to jump through hoops to complete a purchase. Complexity and distraction are some of the most common barriers to purchase that keep many eCommerce businesses from achieving optimal sales. Instagram’s new direct checkout feature simplifies the purchasing journey for consumers by eliminating multi-channel navigation and the distractions and frustrations that come with it. The key to its success is its simplicity and convenience.

The average online store loses over 75% of its sales to cart abandonment, with some industries experiencing average cart abandonment as high as 83.6%


Who is Eligible for Direct Checkout on Instagram?

Want to enable checkout on Instagram? Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A US-based ecommerce business that complies with Instagram’s Commerce Policies.
  2. An Instagram business account connected to a Facebook Page and linked to Commerce Manager.
  3. A product catalog.

Once you’ve confirmed all the above, you simply need to go to “Settings” in Commerce Manager, click “General”, and select the dropdown next to your current checkout method. Then, click “Change”. Finally, select the checkbox next to “Checkout on Facebook or Instagram” before clicking the blue “Change” and “Confirm” buttons, and you’re good to go! Shoppers can now purchase products directly from Instagram.

Need Help Linking Your Products to The People Who Want Them?

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