Boost Your Business with Klaviyo’s Signup Form A/B Testing

Klaviyo Announces Signup Form A/B Testing

Klaviyo Announces Signup Form A/B Testing

“It’s like putting your signup forms on autopilot with the smartest ecommerce data scientists available.”

-Mike Green, Product Marketing Manager at Klaviyo.

ATTENTION ALL GROWTH-FOCUSED ECOMMERCE STORE OWNERS: Are you ready to access the data points you need to really grow your business?

If so, it’s time you get familiar with Klaviyo—the data-driven, personalized marketing tool for online businesses.

Klaviyo is a powerful digital marketing platform that uses automation to drive more sales with hyper-targeted, super relevant email, Instagram and Facebook marketing; and the company recently announced a NEW smart, automated A/B testing feature that guarantees accurate answers to any signup form test, every time. Keep reading to learn more…

Ready now? Give Klaviyo & its new Signup Form A/B Testing feature a try by signing up with our affiliate link here!

A Brief Refresher Course on A/B Testing

What is A/B Testing & How Does It Work?

A/B testing (a.k.a. split testing) is an online-marketing method that splits the same web page, email, or other marketing asset into two versions in order to see which version performs better.

After each version is created, version “A” is presented to one group within a customer base, while version “B” is presented to another group. Performance is then measured and compared to see which version yielded better results.

Why Should I Use It?

A/B testing is an effective way to improve your conversions more quickly. It obtains data directly from your customers’ behaviors—empowering you by proving which marketing asset is more effective. This, in turn helps you make well-informed decisions on how you approach marketing assets in the future.

For example, let’s say you have two different versions of the same eblast, and your goal is to find out which version will perform better. You send one version (Version A) to one group on your email list, and the second version (Version B) to another group. You then review how each version performed:

    • Which version had a higher open rate?
    • Did Version A have more clicks than Version B (or vice versa)?
    • Was one version more successful in converting customers?

Depending on the answers to these questions, you can start to understand why one version performed better than the other, and how you can use this “why” to your advantage for email campaigns in the future.

How Klaviyo’s NEW Signup Form A/B Testing Feature Benefits Your Online Business

As an online business and a Klaviyo partner, we at Technology Therapy can’t speak highly enough of this platform. We’ve seen some real results, as it’s helped us – and our clients – get the answers we need to grow faster.

Here’s why Klaviyo’s NEW Signup Form A/B Testing is so beneficial:

  • You know the moment there’s an actual winner.

    Klaviyo’s Signup Form A/B Testing allows you to end the test once you’ve reached statistically significant results. This is crucial because most providers require that you determine when to end your test before it’s even begun. This can lead to getting the wrong results as ending a test too early may result in the wrong answers. Similarly, running a test for too long wastes time by showing a losing form to precious web traffic.

  • The test is easy to build, and it allows you to switch to the winning form whenever it’s ready.

    Klaviyo’s A/B Testing feature allows you to build up to seven different form variations in one single test. What’s more, you can set the amount of traffic to send to each version by percentage; which can be done manually or by using Klaviyo’s automatic traffic allocation option.

  • Automatic traffic allocation sends more traffic to the winning version.

    Automatic traffic allocation optimizes conversions before the test even ends by sending more traffic to the version that’s experiencing better performance rates!

  • Clear metrics lead to a better understanding of what’s going on.

    As soon as your test is live, you can review test results to see which form was performing better at any point in time. Klaviyo clearly shows chief metrics like overall submit rate and current win probability on the platform, meaning you always know what’s going on.

We truly understand and believe in this platform and the innovative, business-boosting features that come along with it. Give Klaviyo and its new Signup Form A/B Testing feature a try by signing up with our affiliate link now.

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