Create & Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Learn How to Perfect Your Google My Business Listing to Attract More Local Customers

Learn How to Perfect Your Google My Business Listing to Attract More Local Customers

One thing we’ve all learned during the pandemic is the value of local businesses. Many people didn’t realize how much they valued the businesses and shops in their community until they were unable to access them.

Now as we are in a transition phase and more and more people are able to patronize local businesses again, they’re going to be looking online for information about your hours of operation, what you might have in stock, and more. Prior to these circumstances, 46% of all Google searches were for local businesses. We don’t have the data yet, but it is reasonable to expect that percentage to rise during the uncertainty of the “Opening Up” period. Google My Business listings often display first in these type of local searches. That’s why it’s essential to have your Google My Business listing set up properly.

Set Up for Success:
Learn How to Perfect Your Google My Business Listing

In our next live training, which is scheduled for Monday, June 8th, you can learn everything you need to know to create and optimize your Google My Business listing. You’ll learn the basics of claiming your business and optimizing your listing as well as how to update your hours to accurately reflect current realities. We’ll teach you how to create posts, which are extremely valuable in persuading local shoppers to learn more about your business, and what valuable insights can be found in your Google My Business listing data.

After that, there’s an open Q &A session where you can have your specific Google My Business questions addressed by our expert team. We limit the number of participants for these sessions so everyone has a chance to have their question addressed. Listening to the challenges other business owners are experiencing and hearing the best practices and strategies recommended to address these concerns is one of the fastest, most effective ways to build your knowledge base and skill set.

Space is limited to 20 participants. Avoid disappointment and reserve your seat today.

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