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If You’re Managing Your Own Google Ads & Have Lots of Questions This Session is For You

If You’re Managing Your Own Google Ads & Have Lots of Questions This Session is For You

The great thing about Google Ads is that they’re very effective. When created, targeted, and deployed appropriately, Google Ads convert frequently. Search Engine Watch reports Google Ads advertisers are getting conversion rates of 3.17% on the Search network and 0.46% on the Display network – and with the right choices, it’s entirely possible for individual business owners to achieve better conversion rates than that. This can mean more traffic to your website, more calls to your business, more views of your videos – basically, more engagement with your customer in a way that’s largely under your control.

The not-so-great thing about Google Ads is that they’re not exactly the easiest thing to set up and understand. There are a lot of variables involved that will impact how well your ads will work and the value you receive from your marketing dollars. Just to make things even more challenging, Google Ads is not a set it and forget it platform. To get the best results possible, there are points to monitor and adjust throughout a campaign.

Learn What You Need to Know to Make Google Ads Perform Better for Your Business

Blog ad graphicWe’ve set up our next live training, Step-by-Step Training: Analyzing Your Google Ads, to provide an end-to-end overview of essential information for those of you who are new to managing your Google Ads as well as those of you who have been working with Google Ads for a while but are having a challenging time during the current situation.

You’re going to learn about keyword selection, automated bidding strategies, adjusting your bids, and how to determine the effectiveness of what you’re doing. We’ll also cover the value of Google’s recommendations, so you can determine when you want to accept their guidance and when you want to do things your own way.

After that, there’s an open Q&A session where you can have your specific Google Ads questions answered. We limit the number of participants so everyone has a chance to have their concerns addressed. Listening to other businesses share their challenges with Google Ads and learning the solutions to address those issues as well as your own is an efficient way to learn a lot about Google Ads in a very short time frame.

So – space is limited. If you are struggling with managing your Google Ads and need a little clarity and direction to get moving in the right direction, this is the session for you. You will learn what you need to know to take control of your Google Ads budget and get more for your money.

This 75 minute live training is happening Friday, June 5th.

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