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What Moms Want in 2021: Mother’s Day Tips for SMBs

What Moms Want in 2021: Mother’s Day Tips for SMBs

Shopping changed for everyone last year. When you look at the data, it seems like this Mother’s Day will feature exciting gifting trends. Here’s what moms want and retailers should focus on this Mother’s Day:

According to Taboola Blog, the top news trends driving consumer traffic across the web for Mother’s Day 2021 are:

  • Investing
  • Shows & Events
  • Food
  • Movies & TV
  • Amazon & Apple

Moms in 2021 are interested in investing money, attending events and shows (even if only virtually), enjoying delicious eats, binging on their favorite TV shows/movies, and all things Apple and Amazon.

With this in mind, businesses can begin to tailor their ad campaigns to meet their audiences’ interests and increase sales this Mother’s Day. Here are some creative tips for digital ads that grab customer attention this Mother’s Day:

  • Images with food generate a 33% higher clickthrough rate (CTR) than those without food, according to Taboola Blog. What’s more, color images with no text are the best way to boost engagement for your digital ads right now.
  • Videos that display activities like air travel, swimming, marriage, water sports, eating, and driving increase completion rates and boost performance. Hence, it’s a good idea to incorporate clips of the activities mentioned above if there’s any way you can tie them in with your brand.
  • Headlines that start with action verbs seem to drive the highest CTRs. For example, “Try These Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Never Expect” outperformed “The Top 10 Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day” and “Mother’s Day Presents for the Mom Who Has Everything” by a landslide.

Targeting Tips to Boost Mother’s Day Ad Campaigns

Now that you’ve created some digital ads that will appeal to your ideal customer, it’s time to ensure your ads reach the right audiences. Here are three targeting best practices for Mother’s Day ad campaigns:

  1. Bid Automation: Optimize for conversions and pageviews by adjusting your baseline bid when your ads are displayed.
  2. Target Tablet Users: High engagement rates and low ad spend are just two highly practical reasons to optimize your ad campaigns for tablet devices.
  3. Engage Your Audience with Interactive Elements: Use interactive, personalized elements in your ads (i.e., games, quizzes, surveys, etc.) to boost engagement.

More SMB Ideas for Mother’s Day 2021

Some other ways small businesses can turn up the heat and increase sales this Mother’s Day:

  • Subscription Boxes: Offer a subscription box filled with sample sizes of new and exciting products to try.
  • Virtual Services: Teachers, retailers, and professionals alike have been meeting with clients via Zoom or other video conferencing platforms since the start of the pandemic. We have plenty of jewelers, medical spas, and other businesses conducting virtual consultations to help get more customers in the door, and we find it works.
  • Online Shopping: If you haven’t gone eCommerce already, now is the time to get started. Learn more about selling your goods or services online here.
  • Curbside Pickup & Delivery Options: A great way to promote your brand and make more sales this Mother’s Day is to offer curbside pickup and competitive shipping. Curbside pickup offers consumers some peace of mind knowing they won’t need to get stuck indoors with too many other consumers. Similarly, competitive shipping acts as a significant incentive for shoppers looking to save a buck while ordering mom the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

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