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Stats, Apps & Training to Put Your Facebook Ads in Motion

Stats, Apps & Training to Put Your Facebook Ads in Motion
Key Takeaways
  • Motion advertising is an ad format that performs exceptionally well across multiple networks.
  • Facebook ads that utilize motion perform better than static imagery ads.
  • To create motion components for your ads, Facebook recommends using Canva, Vimeo Create, Shakr, and Boosted.

The evolution of digital technology has led to the natural advancement of digital advertising. Over time, digital ads have progressed from static imagery to what’s now known as “motion ads“ – aka advertisements featuring moving or animated graphics or video. Though motion advertising is an ad format that performs exceptionally well  across multiple networks, this blog post will take a look specifically at motion ads as they relate to Facebook advertising. Keep reading to learn more!

Motion Advertising Statistics for Facebook

Motion advertising does much to capture user attention and keep them engaged for extended periods due to the advertisement-in-action component. In fact, Facebook ads that utilize motion perform better than static imagery ads.

What’s more, when databox surveyed 26 marketers about their experience with the two Facebook ad formats, nearly 60% reported that video advertisements drove more ad clicks than image advertisements. Compared to static image campaigns, the same report shares that video-based campaigns lead to twice as many link clicks, 20-30% more conversions, and 2-3x higher CTRs for several businesses.

"One of the simplest, but most powerful tools to capture mobile viewers' attention is motion. In fact, research shows that ads that contain lightweight motion outperform ads that use still images alone 75% of the time."

Ready to Get Your Ads in Motion? Here Are the Apps Facebook Recommends


Shakr is a creative app that allows you to use high-quality video templates designed by professional creatives to produce impressive video advertisements that help your business flourish. The app features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop method that allows you to drop your assets into a premade template. Facebook marketers gain exclusive access to a 14-day free trial that allows for unlimited video creation and publishing, with paid plans starting at $20 per month (paid annually).

Vimeo Create

Vimeo Create offers high-performance video creation and marketing tools to boost your advertising impact and grow your business. Features include Facebook-optimized video templates designed by the experts, customizable branding options, and a smart editor that allows you to create expert-looking video ads in just minutes. The app offers two options – free and paid – with the Pro subscription option starting at $20 per month (billed annually).  


Like Shakr and Vimeo Create, Canva allows you to design video ads like a pro with a user-friendly interface and an all-encompassing library of templates optimized for use on Facebook. The app offers both free and paid plans starting at $9.95 per month (billed annually), with additional Pro and Enterprise options at $15/mo and $30/mo, respectively. 


Boosted boasts eye-catching branded videos for Facebook and Facebook advertising with high-end video templates, a free stock library, and endless customization options. You can also use your own video clips to create motion advertisements tailored to Facebook’s requirements. Plans include free and paid options, with paid plans starting as low as $8.75 per month (billed annually). 

Get Facebook Ad Training from The Experts

Not sure where to start with Facebook Ads? Have you mastered the basics but need some clarification and training on different ad types? Or maybe you’re among the 62% of small business owners who believe Facebook ads are ineffective. If so, these on-demand sessions are for you. 

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