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Are You Overwhelmed by Your Business Data?

Are You Overwhelmed by Your Business Data?

“I know I should be paying more attention to my data,” a retailer recently told me. “But honestly, I start to look at it, and there’s just so much that I don’t know where to start. I just shut down.”

Overwhelm – sometimes called information overload – can be a very real problem. If we consider just one data source – Google Analytics, a tracking tool for business websites – we’ll find that there are 78 standard reports available. Custom reports are also available. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, or how to find and understand it quickly, making sense of all of this data is a formidable task.

Now remember, you have additional sources of data. Your social media, paid advertising, and POS system all capture reams of information about your customers and their behaviors. This data isn’t necessarily formatted to be easy to understand, and it’s not always clear how the insights captured by one system relate to what you’re seeing on another.

The Data Bites Mindset: Building Your Business One Step at a Time

If you’re overwhelmed by your data but know you want to make better use of it, you’ll want to attend “The Data Bites Mindset” webinar on Tuesday, February 19th. This free class will introduce you to the different types of data, walk you through the process of questioning, analyzing and trusting your data, and introduce you to the skills you need to build meaningful data reports for yourself.

I’m encouraging everyone to join me for this class. A big part of the challenge of working with data is familiarizing yourself with how the information is presented and what the reports look like. Another aspect is understanding what you want your data to do, and how to translate the information your digital systems have recorded into meaningful action steps you can use to grow your business. We’ll be covering these questions, so you can come away prepared to make better use of your business data in 2019.

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If you’d like to attend “The Data Bites Mindset” webinar, click here to register.

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