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For Powerful PPC Advertising, Provide Social Proof

For Powerful PPC Advertising, Provide Social Proof

Can we take a moment to admit that shopping online can be a little overwhelming? No matter what you’re looking for, there’s hundreds of vendors – each claiming to offer the best quality, greatest prices, and most superior service. How is a shopper supposed to choose the right vendor?

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We know that today’s shoppers are researchers. They’re going to look for all of the information they can find online before making a decision. Some of what they look at is fairly basic information – the features your product offers, for example, or comparing prices. In addition to this factual information, shoppers seek reassurance that they’re going to make a good decision when they choose to do business with you.

To find this reassurance, shoppers look for what is known as social proof. People feel safer when they do what everyone else is doing. On some level, we deeply believe that there’s safety in numbers. This means if 1,100 people have had a positive experience doing business with a particular online vendor, we’re probably much more likely to do business with them than if only 4 people have been willing to step up and say the same.

Providing Social Proof in PPC Advertising

Google Ads are a powerful, proven digital advertising tool. That being said, they do have their limitations – particularly space limitations. We know that customers read search ads fairly quickly, scanning to see if the ad is relevant.

If you have sufficient positive ratings – generally 100 or more – Google will help you establish social proof by sharing your advertiser rating. This is a smart strategy for businesses who have sufficient positive reviews & add nothing to the cost of your ads.

If you’re not at a point where you have enough positive reviews to display your advertiser rating, you can still capitalize on social proof in your ad copy or by integrating positive reviews or testimonials on the landing page your PPC ads direct to. Need help making this happen? Technology Therapy Group’s individualized approach to PPC delivers best in class results. Find out more here.

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