Cleaning Your Email Lists for Better Campaign Performance

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget to Spruce Up Your Email List

Spring Cleaning Email

Spring cleaning time has begun—and your digital marketing platforms are no exception! Though watching your email list grow is a great feeling, did you know that email marketing platforms often limit the number of contacts you can have before forcing you to upgrade to a paid account or higher tier account? Before swiping your card for that upgrade, consider looking at your current email lists and cleaning up any contacts that aren’t engaging with your business. Keep reading to learn how.

Boost Open Rates, CTRs & More by Keeping Your Email Lists Clean

Not only does removing outdated contacts keep you from paying more for your email marketing, it also does wonders to improve your campaign performance. Getting rid of email contacts who aren’t interacting with your business helps boost campaign open rates, click-through rates, and deliverability. It also keeps your emails from getting ranked as “spam” by major service providers such as Google and Yahoo. What’s more, keeping your email list clean allows you to personalize your content based on active, interested customers and potential customers. Here are some tools that help make your email list cleanup as smooth and seamless as possible:

Mailchimp Contact Ratings

If Mailchimp is your channel of choice for all things email marketing, the platform’s “contact rating” feature is a strategic and easy-to-use email contact management tool that helps you sift through your contacts and find out who’s no longer engaging with your brand. Segment and target specific email audiences based on their level of engagement, see how often people receive, view, and click your emails, and get rid of any contacts who are bogging down your performance results. Check out TTG’s “Yes You Can” DIY Digital Marketing: Mailchimp Tutorial to learn how!

ActiveCampaign Contact Statuses

ActiveCampaign provides software for email automation so that you can spend more time on your business. The platform sorts your contacts using statuses so you can see how many people on your list have bounced or unsubscribed. Click the button below to learn how ActiveCampaign uses contact statuses to sort your contacts using four easy-to-understand labels: “Active, Unconfirmed, Unsubscribed, or Bounced.”

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Klaviyo List Cleaning

Last – but certainly not least – let’s talk about one of our favorite email marketing platforms here at TTG: Klaviyo. Kaviyo is an email marketing platform that helps you clean your email lists using a simple, two-step process:

Step 1: Identify and segment inactive or unengaged profiles.

Step 2: Suppress or delete unengaged profiles from your account.

Learn more about cleaning your email lists with Klaviyo!

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