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Start Me Up! What to Do When You’re a New Small Business

Start Me Up! What to Do When You’re a New Small Business

Key Takeaways

Conducting Market research will empower you to make the best decisions for your business.

Learn who your customers are, their buying habits, and what drives them to your business.

Capturing data will help you determine how much business you could possibly do and how you’ll adapt to the marketplace.

Having a well-organized website with appealing visuals and quality content is your best marketing tool.


How to do Market Research: Finding the WHY

  • Who are your customers? Create a buyer persona: describe them in terms of age, occupation, income, lifestyle, educational attainment, etc.
  • What do they buy now? Describe their buying habits relating to your product or service.

“When you conduct market research, you understand your customers, competition, and industry better, and can make data-based decisions that will help you succeed.”

– Salesforce

Small Business, Big Data

  • Personal Data – age, gender, geographic location, etc.
  • Engagement Data – how customers interact with your business’ website, mobile ads, social media pages, etc.
  • Behavioral Data – purchase histories and product usage information.
  • Attitudinal Data – metrics on consumer satisfaction, purchase criteria, product desirability. 

If You Build It – They Will Come

  • Build an SEO friendly website
  • Do extensive keyword research before creating your website content.
  • Incorporate your primary keywords into all your website landing pages, titles, meta descriptions, etc.
  • Take care of technical aspects like page-load speed and website design.

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