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When the Discount is Provided By Amazon, Who Really Pays?


Spoiler Alert: It’s Probably You, Small Retailer Amazon’s dominance in the marketplace has forced many retailers into a “If you can’t beat them, join them” position. Selling products via Amazon’s marketplace in addition to a retailer’s own eCommerce site and physical location affords greatly expanded reach. 55% of shoppers begin their product searches on Amazon…. Continue Reading »

Follow the Leader: Learning from Big Brands on Social Media


Global and national brands have the benefit of large social media budgets to invest in content creation and management teams. Rather than view this as a road block preventing smaller businesses from competing in the social sphere, use it to your advantage! Take what’s working for big brands and apply it to your business. Here… Continue Reading »

Should You Be All Fired Up About Amazon’s New Smartphone?


Smartphones have become such a central part of our existence: more than two-thirds of all Americans have one, and they have rapidly become the most popular way to access the internet and do some online shopping. For a long time, we’ve had just a few platforms to consider: Apple’s iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android based… Continue Reading »