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Special Report Available Now: Games – The New Path to Customer Acquisition, Retention & Personalization


It’s really hard for a small business to find, convert and keep new customers. We know where customers are – they’re on their smartphone, roughly 86 hours a month – but attracting attention in that environment is difficult. Social media is unbelievably crowded, and customers don’t want to shop all of the time. Games provide a… Continue Reading »

Better Understanding of Customer Journey Dominates Forbes 2018 Digital Marketing Trends List


If there’s one thing business owners wish they had, it’s a crystal ball that grants the ability to see into the future. Since we don’t have that, we rely upon trends reports from insightful industry thinkers, including the team at Forbes. They’ve just released “How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2018”, covering 15 digital marketing… Continue Reading »

Customer Journey Maps Help You Understand Your Business from The Customer’s Perspective


A customer journey map gives business owners a way to see the end-to-end experience their customers have. There are several reasons why it’s important to have a customer journey map available to you. One of the most important is that a customer journey map helps you understand your business from the customer’s perspective. Can You… Continue Reading »