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When Your Employees Are Slacking Off On Their Smartphones Instead Of Working…Pay Attention!


“I understand that working at the movie theater isn’t necessarily the most thrilling way to spend your Saturday afternoon when you’re twenty-something years old,” Ron said. “But I have a hard time dealing with my employees being on their phones when I’m paying them to be working.” One day, Ron snapped, and asked one of… Continue Reading »

Therapy Time: You Are Not Your Customer!


Okay, small business owners! It’s time for some tough love from the Tech Therapist. We’re just about to get into the holiday season – the most critical quarter of the year for many of you! – and it’s essential that your marketing campaigns deliver results. The first step in making this happen is coming to… Continue Reading »

Pssst…Back to School Season is Coming!


Don’t let any of the kids know, but Back to School season is practically here. The Pew Research Center reports that the blitz of consumer spending that occurs every year in August is second only to the winter holidays: the average family with school age children spends slightly more than $600 per year; parents of… Continue Reading »

In Digital Marketing, Forgiveness is Expensive

Forgiveness Can Be Way More Expensive Than Permission: Celebrities & Your Marketing


A recent court decision can have a significant impact on the way you use celebrity names or images in your marketing efforts. Richard Young and Matthew T. Ingersoll, of Quarles & Brady, explain the basics in this article in Entrepreneur. Here’s the down and dirty version, just in case you’re in a hurry: Michael Jordan… Continue Reading »