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How Important Is Voice Search? Very, Very Important: Just Ask Alexa


In the course of a single year, the use of voice-activated digital assistants for the home – tech like Alexa, Google Home, or Cortana – has increased 128.9%. This means 35.6 million American households already have a digital assistant in their home. Researchers expect this rapid adoption rate to continue, especially given the significant amount… Continue Reading »

Mobile’s Changing Everything – And Not In The Way You Might Think


Just this morning, I watched one woman, deeply engrossed with her smartphone, walk directly into another woman who was doing the same thing. The collision was relatively minor – and so was each woman’s reaction to the event. There were some muttered apologies from each, and they went on their way. The fact they’d run… Continue Reading »

2014’s Top Word Isn’t A Word at All…What Does This Mean for Your Business?


Global Language Monitor, a Texan think tank that researches and tracks language trends, has just released their annual report on the most popular and influential phrases people are using. For the first time ever, the most popular word isn’t a word at all. It’s an emoji – a symbol composed of typographical characters. Emojis are… Continue Reading »