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Goodbye Adwords?


Do you know how many different types of Google ads you can buy? It’s a long list. There’s the familiar Google Adwords, and YouTube ads, and ads that display on Google Maps. There are Google Search Ads, and Gmail Ads, and banner ads that appear on Google’s Display Network. And that’s just the tip of… Continue Reading »

Life Event Targeting: The Adwords Update You’re Going to Love


Google’s Next Marketing event is when all of the new Adwords updates and changes are officially announced. This year’s list of updates is quite lengthy – there’s a new user interface coming, search ads are becoming context-dependent rather than keyword driven, and A/B testing will be much easier with the new Google 360 Survey tool… Continue Reading »

Google Announces It Has Been Tracking In Store Purchases


You’ll be hearing a lot about Google Attribution in the days and weeks to come. This is Google’s newest tool to help businesses determine where their customers are coming from. Attribution is powered by a combination of Google Adwords, Analytics and DoubleClick search data, as well as in-store purchase data collected by third-party providers –… Continue Reading »