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40% of Holiday Digital Revenue Happens in One Week – Do You Know When It Is?


Updated in November 2020 Cyber Week 2020: Tuesday, November 24th – Monday, November 30th While in-store shopping is rebounding for some industries, Deloitte is expecting holiday e-commerce sales to surge by 25% to 35% this year.* Big brands and major retailers already have their [holiday] promotions in place. Click To Tweet Convenience and the ability… Continue Reading »

Stores Aren’t Dead, But Good Luck Trying to Find a Store-Only Shopper


New research from Internet Retailer reveals something you may already know: today’s customer wants it all. The 2018 Online Apparel Report investigates how a marketplace that was once fairly limited to physical retail locations has been disrupted by Amazon, Walmart, and digital native brands. Some of the insights shared are quite eye-opening, including: – Amazon… Continue Reading »

Shopping Online & Buying Online – 2 Very Different Things!


If you’re involved in e-commerce or plan to be in the near future, it’s very important to understand the difference between shopping online and buying online. The two experiences are different, and your customers want you to provide both on your website. Buying is a purpose-driven behavior. When people buy online, they do so in… Continue Reading »