40% of Holiday Digital Revenue Happens in One Week – Do You Know When It Is?


While in-store shopping continues to appeal to holiday shoppers, 89% of people plan on purchasing holiday gifts and seasonal items online, according to a study commissioned by Bazaarvoice, a retail software company.*

Convenience and the ability to avoid crowds motivate the online shopper all season long, but the largest share of holiday digital revenue is generated during Cyber Week. Cyber Week begins the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and culminates with the three big shopping days: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

Preparing for Cyber Week: Actions to Take Now

A quick Google search for Cyber Week 2018 deals will reveal that big brands and major retailers already have their promotions in place. If you haven’t started planning your Cyber Week offers and promotions, now is the time to do so. A robust promotional plan will include your digital and traditional messaging channels, including your website, social media, PPC, print advertising, radio campaigns, in-store events and more.

Be aware that the lines between online and offline commerce are continuing to disappear. Last year, there was an across the board increase in people shopping in-store but buying online** during Black Friday, with the most notable gains seen in bigger electronic items like flat-screen TVs.

As part of your Cyber Week preparation, you’ll want to be sure that your e-commerce site is functioning optimally. Test shop your site: if issues & concerns arise during this process, now is the time to fix them.

Don’t forget about your data! Look at your current analytics to get an idea of sales and engagement levels before holiday promotions start; revisiting the data again during and after these campaigns will reveal how effective your marketing efforts were.

Need help making it happen? Our digital coaching program provides the guidance, support, and data you can use to grow your business. Make Cyber Week 2018 the best ever.

40% of Holiday Digital Revenue Happens in One Week – Do You Know When It Is?
Article Name
40% of Holiday Digital Revenue Happens in One Week – Do You Know When It Is?
Most holiday revenue is raked in during one single week - do YOU know when this week takes place? Let's find out!

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