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Pinterest Adds Critical Information To Place Pins: What You Need To Know


Pinterest continues to make itself a more and more attractive platform for social media marketing. In addition to the site’s exponential growth rate and the fact that men are beginning to enthusiastically embrace the platform, Pinterest has added new information to Place Pins that will increase their value to the brick and mortar business owner…. Continue Reading »

A Guide to Pinterest’s Guided Search


While some social media platforms – cough Facebook cough – are famous for making changes that negatively impact businesses in the name of improving the user experience, Pinterest has developed a great reputation for developing their platform to perform for both audiences. Features like Rich Pins allow businesses to properly classify their content and provide… Continue Reading »

Oh the Places You’ll Go – And Pin!


Last week Pinterest announced yet another new type of pin: the Place Pin. Their goal with these new pins is to make creating travel inspiration boards easier for their users, allowing them to map out their dream trip – whether it’s to Paris or a simple three hour road trip. Though this addition was developed… Continue Reading »

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Pinterest Announces Promoted Pins


We have been saying it’s just a matter of time and it seems that the time has come: Pinterest has announced that they will be rolling out promoted pins. Late last week users were sent an email from co-founder Ben Silbermann explaining that they will, “start experimenting with promoting certain pins from a select group… Continue Reading »