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Harder Obstacles Means Facing Bigger Fears


On Sunday, September 15th the Technology Therapy Group participated in the BoldrDash – Mud Run. This was the second mud run for our team. This was a much more challenging course than the first Mud Run I faced in July. The obstacles on this course weren’t just tougher for the body. They were tougher on… Continue Reading »

Business Lessons Learned from a Mud Run


Sunday July 14th, I entered my first 5k Obstacle Course Race and Mud Run. I had been interested in trying one of these events for a while, and the Foam Fest seemed to be the perfect choice for my first race. Here’s why: I am a jogger. Every week, I jog 3-4 times. Last year,… Continue Reading »

Does Your Business Need a Passion Infusion?


Yesterday I was giving my weekly class as an instructor for Social Media Marketing University and the moderator on the call said “You have been doing this for so long and you’re still so passionate.” That’s right, I explained; “I love what I do and I am always seeing new ways to grow and market… Continue Reading »

Are You TOO Sensitive to Grow Your Business?


I’ll admit it: I’m a reality TV fan. Specifically, I love small business oriented shows, like Dragon’s Den, the Shark Tank, and Crowd Rules. On occasion, I discuss the take-away lessons on my business’ blog. It was a real shock to my system when I got a scathing reply to one of my posts from… Continue Reading »