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Do You Have a Naughty List?


Santa Claus is a famous list keeper. He’s got two that we know about –the Nice List, which details all the well behaved children and all the wonderful gifts they’re getting, and the Naughty List, which includes all the not-so-well-behaved kids who are getting coal in their stocking. Have you ever wondered what happened after… Continue Reading »

bigger fears

Harder Obstacles Means Facing Bigger Fears


On Sunday, September 15th the Technology Therapy Group participated in the BoldrDash – Mud Run. This was the second mud run for our team. This was a much more challenging course than the first Mud Run I faced in July. The obstacles on this course weren’t just tougher for the body. They were tougher on… Continue Reading »

Opportunity In The Face Of Disaster: Network Solutions DDoS Attack Will Cost Them More Than Bad Press


Wednesday morning started with a troubling email: one of our clients had contacted us, letting me know their website was down. We host all of our clients’ websites, so this was definitely a critical issue. The first step was to check our server. Everything was fine there. A quick assessment of our other client sites… Continue Reading »

Business Lessons Learned from a Mud Run


Sunday July 14th, I entered my first 5k Obstacle Course Race and Mud Run. I had been interested in trying one of these events for a while, and the Foam Fest seemed to be the perfect choice for my first race. Here’s why: I am a jogger. Every week, I jog 3-4 times. Last year,… Continue Reading »