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What’s Good for the Environment is Good for Your Business


Think your consumers don’t care about sustainability? Think again. According to GreenBiz: At least 75% of consumers report sustainability to be moderately to extremely important to them. 71% of consumers would pay more for brands that are sustainable. 57% of consumers say climate change has caused them to reassess their purchasing habits The events that… Continue Reading »

The 5 PR Essentials Every Small Business Needs


Having your business written about in the newspaper, magazines or online, or featured on a popular TV or radio show is the one of the most powerful ways to boost your company’s visibility and generate sales. With that in mind, you’ll want to be sure you have these 5 PR essentials in your marketing arsenal:… Continue Reading »

Any Press is Good Press?


We’ve all heard the phrase “any press is good press,” but is this really true? We think not. Case in point, the story of “Sarah Hanson,” or shall we say Steinar Skipsnes. We first stumbled upon this tale late last week and couldn’t wait to cover this topic. At the time, GeekWire reported that 19… Continue Reading »