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Is Bloomingdales Making A Blunder?


Bloomingdale’s has a long, proud history in retail. The store began in the nineteenth century, opening its doors in the same year that Yellowstone Park was established, the Metropolitan Museum of Art launched, and the readers the world over were captivated by Phileas Fogg’s journey around the world in 80 days. They’ve been a stalwart… Continue Reading »

Gamer Girls…They’re Everywhere


When you hear the word “gamer” what do you think of? The stereotypical image of gamers is that they’re overwhelming male. That stereotypical image is wrong, according to recent research by the Jun Group. 60% of female survey respondents reported playing they are mobile games on a daily basis, compared to less than half of… Continue Reading »

Are You Sure You Know Who Your Customer Is?


Harvard Business Review just ran a very good article on social listening– the process of monitoring ongoing social media conversations about your brand to discover what the public really thinks – and it includes an interesting discussion that centers on knowing who your customer is. A company that sold mouthwash devoted themselves to listening to… Continue Reading »