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What’s the Best Way to Attract Young Shoppers’ Attention? Video Ads on Social Media


67 million people were born between 1995 and 2010. Dubbed “Gen Z”, these shoppers value choice and flexibility more than their older counterparts, according to Hulu CMO Kelly Campbell. Campbell was speaking during Advertising Week, an industry convention focused on emerging best practices. Not surprisingly,  video was a large part of the conversation. 50% of… Continue Reading »

facebook to introduce autoplay video advertisements

Facebook Introduces Autoplaying Video Ads


Though video ads have been available on Facebook for some time, the social platform is now testing autoplaying videos in mobile News Feeds, with the hopes of rolling them out platform-wide next month. Though Mashable claims, “This is either great news (if you’re an advertiser) or not-so-great news (if you’re a user),” we’d have to… Continue Reading »