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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Favicons


Just when you thought you knew almost everything you needed to know about your small business website, along comes another new term to master. Well, the term we’re talking about this time isn’t exactly new, but it’s not familiar to most people. Let’s talk about Favicons. What Is a Favicon? Favicons are the very small… Continue Reading »


Best Practices: Development & Test Web Sites


There’s a saying in the tech field: A website is never done. This is very true for growing businesses. There are always changes and upgrades to be made. Companies that invest in custom websites learn the value of making changes and edits to continually meet and exceed client expectations. But how do you roll out… Continue Reading »


If You Don’t Have a Website, Do You Really Have a Business?


Do you have a business card? It’s one of the first things people ask for when they meet you at a business event. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the smallest shop in town or you work for one of the world’s largest corporations, people expect you to have a business card. It’s part of… Continue Reading »


Keep Your Website Healthy with Our Website Monitoring Checklist


Did you know that your business website is a lot like your car? It’s true. We depend on our cars for many things. It’s really hard to get around town without one. Running errands, meeting clients, rushing to the bank: as a business owner, how do you do these things without a car in most… Continue Reading »