Understanding Data: The Pros and Cons of Objective Data


Last week, we discussed the pros and cons of observational data. While observational data is a rich source of information for content marketing purposes, it can’t answer every question a business owner has. Objective data is the data captured by your website and social media analytics, as well as insights captured by any other channel. Objective data contains a combination of demographic information as well as a record of customer behaviors.

The Upside

When we consider the pros of objective data, we have to begin with the fact that objective data is, well, objective. Having an accurate, impartial record of what actually happened on your website and social media might validate what you think about what your customers think and feel – or it might reveal that your understanding is off base. Objective data is mathematical, which means no subjective interpretation is required. Capturing and analyzing objective data is a much faster process than doing the same with observational data, in part because much of the process can be automated.

The Downside: Some Assembly Required!

Objective data is such a powerful business building tool. So why isn’t everyone using it? Honestly, it’s because there’s some work involved. The setup process, including ensuring that data capture and analysis tools are installed and configured properly, can be challenging.  Data often needs to be cleaned up before its true value can be discerned; this is great news for the detail-oriented person who loves working with technology, but for everyone else, it can be a chore.

Making the Most of Your Objective Data

Growing your business becomes easier when you work with your objective data regularly. Objective data is granular, which means the further you investigate, the more and more detail you can learn. Use objective data in combination with observational data for best results. The combination of objective and observational data is called Smart Data – it’s what you need to make better business decisions!

Understanding Data: The Pros and Cons of Objective Data
Article Name
Understanding Data: The Pros and Cons of Objective Data
Objective data helps you keep a record of what happened on your website, when it happened, and can help you understand customer actions.

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