Business Owners, Do You Even Know What You Want?


The very first step in any marketing campaign is identifying the desired outcome. I often ask clients if they’re hoping to increase sales or boost the number of customers they have. These two outcomes sound similar, but they’re really not identical. As a business owner, you have to make a strategic choice. Where Is Your… Continue Reading »


Should You Be Providing Free Wi-Fi In Your Store?


The next time you travel around your neighborhood, pay attention to how many businesses advertise free Wi-Fi access. McDonald’s began doing this in 2009; Starbucks followed suit in 2010. It was a move that made sense: these businesses wanted their customers to stay on-site longer, in the hopes that as time went by, Wi-Fi users… Continue Reading »


Subscriptions Are Sexy – But Are They Right for Your Business?


Every month, Birchbox sends out close to a million boxes filled with makeup and skin care samples to their loyal subscribers. Other industries were quick to jump on the subscription bandwagon: today, there are subscription boxes available featuring snacks, jewelry, socks, art supplies and more. Subscription boxes are only the tip of the iceberg. There… Continue Reading »


Would You Buy From a Chatbot?


When we talk about digital marketing and different generations, there’s far more than content strategies and social media platform selection to talk about. The way a Baby Boomer views and uses technological tools can be profoundly different than how a Gen Xer, Millennial, or member of Gen Z views and uses those same tools. Take… Continue Reading »