Understand Your Customer Data: 2020 Customer Insights Package

Get Clear in 2020: Understanding the Customer Insights Package

Get Clear in 2020: Understanding the Customer Insights Package

What’s the single most powerful thing you can do to build your business? Develop a better understanding of your customers. How do you develop that understanding? By examining the data trail your customers leave when they visit your website, see your ads, or search for you online.

Discover the 2020 Customer Insights Package

We know it can be confusing and overwhelming to dive into your digital data – especially if you don’t know what you’re looking at or for. Our Customer Insights Package takes all the fear out of working with your data. We work step-by-step with you, looking at your reports, explaining the numbers, and helping you find the answers to your most pressing business questions.

The 2020 Customer Insights Package addresses six critical considerations:

  1. Google Analytics

    Learn where your website traffic is coming from, who your website visitors are, and what they do and don’t like about your website. Identifying customer groups and behavior trends makes it easier to craft more compelling offers & boost your brand’s visibility.

  2. Google Ads

    Google Ads can be a powerful sales tool – but they must be carefully crafted, targeted appropriately, and driven to a website that delivers a satisfying customer experience. We’ll take you behind the scenes so you can understand how well your ads are performing, where there are opportunities for improvement, and how to plan your ad budget for the coming year.

  3. Facebook Ads

    Facebook Ads can have as much reach and impact as Google Ads if they’re designed and deployed effectively. We’ll work with you to determine how well your efforts are working, pinpoint the techniques that can take your ads to the next level, and teach you what you need to know to monitor results.

  4. Email Marketing

    Email marketing only works if messages reach your customers. We’ll examine audiences, open rates, conversions and other critical metrics that will help you determine the return you’re getting from your email marketing and what you can do to improve it.

  5. Google My Business

    Your Google My Business listing displays the essential information customers need to know when they’re researching their options. We’ll work with you to make sure your listing is correct and optimized for your local market and industry.

  6. Local Search

    More than half of all internet searches are for “near me” or local businesses. Learn how well your business performs in these searches, what you can do to improve your ranking, and how to convert interested searchers into real-life customers.

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Get the details of the 2020 Customer Insights package, including special incentive New Year’s pricing, and get started today!

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