Boost Your Business with CBD - Customer Behavior & Data That Is!

Curious About CBD? Learn How You Can Use CBD to Build Your Business!

Curious About CBD? Learn How You Can Use CBD to Build Your Business!

CBD seems like it’s everywhere lately. This miracle cure can be found in the smallest stores, regional chains and even luxury boutiques. And CBD’s not limited to retail. You can find CBD in restaurants, spas and salons, and even in manufacturing and construction.

In fact, we’ve even started a CBD Club here at Technology Therapy Group.

Surprised? Perhaps we can clear up some confusion by pointing out we’re not talking about cannabidiol – often abbreviated as CBD – but Customer Behavior and Data, the powerful combination business owners are using to better understand their audiences and build their businesses.

Why a club? Because many things are more fun when you do them in groups. Travelling, playing golf, and other recreational activities are all proof of concept: the more the merrier! It turns out the same is true for learning a data-driven approach to business growth.

How the TTG’s CBD Club Started

This whole idea started as a challenge. Would you be willing to do 20 things in 2020 to help grow your business?

It’s an appealing idea – and there are certainly 20 meaningful opportunities to better understand your customers and improve your operations in your business data. By business data, we’re talking about resources you already have at your disposal – things like website analytics, social media metrics, your email marketing reports and more. Lots and lots of business owners have this wealth of information at their fingertips, but they don’t know how to use it to make things better.

We thought it was time to change this situation. That’s why we structured the CBD Club to make it easy and fun to learn how to use your business data. The intimidation factor has completely been eliminated. This is a stress-free way to learn with like-minded business owners.

Each month, we focus on 2 critical business tasks, and walk you through how to find the relevant data, understand the numbers you find, and make an action plan that results in meaningful improvement. Tutorial videos are provided so you can watch them when and as often as you need to, and there’s a monthly webinar with an interactive question and answer session to ensure you’re ready to make changes.

We’re really excited about this. Over the years we’ve seen the way having the right information and a deep understanding of how data connects to real world concerns empowers business owners to make better choices. Knowledge truly is power.

If you’re curious about the CBD Club & want to learn more, you can do that here.

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