“Yesterday’s Home Run Won’t Win Today’s Ball Game”

– Babe Ruth

This is such a powerful quote and exactly what we need heading into 2020.

Change is constant. We all know it, but when we talk about customer behavior and technology, the quote above resonates more today to me than ever before. Babe Ruth would be blown away by how baseball’s embrace of data has changed the game. By using data to improve their performance, today’s ball players know that while the actual swing of yesterday’s home run won’t win today’s game – studying the swing will.

In 2020 – I want to challenge you to step up and play ball. Get ready to learn how to use your data and better understand your customers. Are you willing to do 20 things in 2020 to grow your business?

This ten-month program makes it simple, easy, and fun. Each month, we take on 2 tasks that are vital to attracting new customers and keeping your existing customers happy. You’ll learn how to review and evaluate your data and pinpoint the action steps you can take to make a meaningful difference in your business.

Take the Challenge:
Join TTG’s 2020 CBD (Customer Behavior & Data) Club

Yes, I know those initials refer to another popular acronym, but a good marketer likes a little something that gets everyone’s attention. Besides we all need to loosen up — after all it’s the Roaring 20’s all over again.

The CBD Club makes it easy to do 20 things in 2020 to grow your business. You’ll be working with your business data, learning what you need to look for, what the numbers mean, and how they apply to your unique situation. These are skills you’ll use and benefit from for years to come.

What’s Included in with your 2020 CBD Club Membership each month:

2 tasks

Critical business challenges broken down into easy to understand steps

2 videos

Walking you through the process – watch when & as often as you’d like

1 scheduled Live webinar

To listen in, ask live questions and learn from others

Templates, forms, & designs

Cost of Membership:

$49/ month