Boost Business with Google Ads: Top 5 Reasons to Start Now

5 Reasons to Start Using Google Search Ads for Your Small Business

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Key Takeaways:

Discover five reasons why Google Search Ads are an outstanding tool for small businesses to use. 

Google Search Ads are a tried-and-true way to enhance your brand’s visibility and trigger more leads for your brand. Still on the fence about using this ad platform for your marketing? We’ve rounded up 5 reasons why every small business leader should tap into this breed of Google Ads.

1. Expand Your Reach

We’ve been marketing growing businesses for years and have witnessed the success of multiple clients as they leverage Google Search Ads to improve their results. When used strategically, it’ll help you increase leads and expand your customer base as your brand continues to evolve. 

2. Get Faster Results

While SEO plays an integral role in any business’s marketing strategy, it’s common knowledge that it takes longer to see results with an organic strategy than with pay-per-click (PPC). Google Search Ads are a PPC type of digital ad solution and, as such, you don’t have to wait months to start seeing results with it. In fact, you’ll often see an increase in traffic in a matter of days once a Google Search Ad goes live.

Unlike SEO, Google Search Ads is a PPC solution. This means you can see a surge in traffic in days rather than months.

3. Minimize Ad Spend

One of the reasons why Google Search Ads is suited for small businesses is that it’s easy to set spending limits. Not only can you establish an average daily budget for a campaign, but you can also see the average cost per click on keywords in their Keyword Planner tool to create a campaign forecast and review the average cost search terms in your campaign to eliminate any that are not achieving your desired ROI. Additionally, the platform does allow you to set a maximum cost per click (CPC) in your ad bidding, but we advise against this strategy as you may miss out on auctions that are likely to deliver leads and could receive lower quality traffic.

4. Step Up Local and Niche Marketing

Another thing we love about Google Search Ads here at TTG is its focus on local and niche customers. These ads let you display a clickable phone number and a location extension with your address and how far nearby customers are from your business so they can easily connect with you and find you.

Search Ads are excellent for niche clients because of their keyword specificity. When you use specific keywords in your campaigns, it increases the chance that your ad will reach the very specific target group you have in mind. This, in turn, results in more qualified leads and lower ad spend: two things every small business needs!

5. Glean Valuable Insights About Your Audience

A final benefit of Google Search Ads is the data they provide so you can better understand your customers. You’ll have access to metrics such as customers’ geographical locations, their age and gender, and what keywords they used when searching for your products and services. This information can help inform your future marketing campaigns and help you tweak your ads so they’re even more effective

Need Help with Google Search Ads?

If you’re not sure where to start with Google Search Ads, no worries. Download Technology Therapy® Group’s FREE guide today! We’ll walk you through each step of setting up this ad type for your unique business so you can start seeing better results.

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