Break Free: 5 Challenges and Solutions for SMB

Beating Business Roadblocks: Digital Marketing Challenges & Fixes

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Key Takeaways:

Learn some common challenges that small and medium-sized businesses face. 

Discover some practical tips to get unstuck and move your business forward.

Are you constantly stuck in the day-to-day tasks of your small business? Losing sight of the big picture? Remember, successful business growth requires not just working in your business, but on it too. That’s easier said than done, right?

Join us as we dive into the common challenges small business owners face and offer concrete solutions to help you move forward. It’s time to identify those growth blockers, shake things off, and start pushing your business towards a brighter future!

Challenge #1: Navigating Content Planning


If content planning feels like a maze to you, you’re not alone. According to LookBookHQ, content production is the biggest challenge for 44% of marketers. Here are some tips to make this task easier.

For starters, AI tools like ChatGPT can be a real game-changer. They can help craft compelling content, saving you time and effort.

Organize your posts using a content calendar. It provides a clear view of what content is due and when.

And don’t forget to maintain a list of ideas for content. Whenever inspiration strikes, jot it down. This list can be a lifesaver when you need fresh ideas.

Challenge #2: Refreshing Your Email List


Don’t let a cluttered email list dampen your marketing efforts. Begin by removing bounced emails. It’s a simple step to enhance your list’s health and your email deliverability.

Next, segment your contacts — separate those who haven’t opened an email from you in a year or more. This leaves you with an audience genuinely interested in your brand.

Make use of segmentation based on customer actions, demographics, or data from your forms. These segments allow for personalized content, increasing the chances of engagement.

Remove your bounced emails. It’s a simple step to enhance your email list’s health and your email deliverability.

Technology Therapy® Group

Challenge #3: Managing Social Platforms


Social media management can feel overwhelming — unless you have the right strategies. We recommend planning content well in advance to take off the pressure of creating last-minute posts.

Use scheduling tools for automating your posts. They ensure consistency in posting without constant monitoring.

Repurpose! Take a longer piece of content, such as a 5-minute video, and break it down into five separate 1-minute clips. This extends your content’s life.

And don’t forget to regularly check your platform’s Insights. It helps identify what’s working with your audience so you can create more of what’s performing well.

Challenge #4: Working on SEO


Spend 15 minutes every day with one page on your website. This will help you better understand what the experience is like for a customer who’s visiting your site.

While analyzing your web pages, ask the following questions:

  • Do the keywords you used on the page match the keywords the customers entered in the search engine to land on the page?
  • Does that web page answer their questions, so they don’t have to go to someone else’s website?

It’s also important to review the desktop and mobile versions of your website. Today’s customers prefer responsive websites to non-responsive ones. According to a recent statistic from GoodFirms, 73.1% of web designers cite a non-responsive design as a main reason why visitors leave a website and look elsewhere.

“Spend 15 minutes every day with one page on your website. This will help you better understand what the experience is like for a customer who’s visiting your site.”

Jennifer Shaheen

Challenge #5: Reviewing Your Metrics


Google’s Looker Studio is an easy way to help you visualize your small business’s data so you can make informed decisions and fine-tune your future content strategy. This tool lets you pull together data from different places. Not only can you make your own dashboards, but you can also generate reports that turn tricky data into easy-to-understand charts. Plus, it shows you the latest data in real-time, which is helpful when you need to make quick decisions. 

Another fantastic tool to leverage is Google Analytics 4’s Customer Journey Insights. This feature tells you what web pages (besides your site’s home page) are the most popular entry points for customers. It can also show you the point where customers usually leave your site. This could be after they’ve done what they came for or if they leave because they couldn’t find what they were looking for.

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