QR Codes: Boosting Holiday Sales & Customer Interaction

7 Ways to Boost Holiday Sales and Customer Engagement with QR Codes

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Key Takeaways:

QR codes let you connect with holiday shoppers at every stage of the purchasing process.

Consider using QR codes in your signage and direct mail brochures as a paperless way to share holiday specials and product lineups with your customers. 

You can also use QR codes to link clients to your team’s holiday greeting. 

QR codes on cash or discount vouchers make it simpler for customers to redeem their reward and buy more from you this season.

Connecting with your customers during their entire buyer journey is vital to building a long relationship. Digital tools can help create a more personalized experience for customers, whether they’re shopping online or in-store.

QR codes, also known as quick response codes, are an effective way to connect with your customers before, during, and after a purchase. This tool is especially effective at increasing sales during the holidays. Here are seven uses for QR codes to boost your business’s end-of-year profits.

“The number of US smartphone users scanning a QR code will increase from 83.4 million in 2022 to 99.5 million in 2025.”


1. Print Materials

Put a QR code on print materials like direct mail pieces with a “scan for a special” call-to-action message. This QR code should take your buyer to a special online catalog or video where they can experience the specially selected “holiday wish list” products that you’ll be highlighting during your Black Friday sale. It’s an excellent opportunity to show off your store’s personality and provide more detail about the selected pieces along with a few styling tips.

2. In-Store Experiences

Place QR codes next to select pieces in your store to give your holiday shoppers information about the journey and story behind the design. Your holiday shopper is looking to share the product they choose with their loved one.

Don’t forget to be festive and playful — that’s the fun of in-store shopping! Use QR codes in other areas and create special pages that take your visitors to your family’s special recipe for eggnog. You can even create one that links to a video holiday greeting for your customers.

3. Automated Store App Downloads

Not everyone who walks into your store will walk out with a purchase in hand. Some need more time to decide on what item they want to buy from your store this holiday season. Have in-store signage with a designated QR code that will let shoppers download your store’s app quickly without having to jump through multiple screen prompts to do so.

“Over four in ten people said that having a visible QR code would make them more likely to make a purchase.”

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It also makes it easy for them to order the product they’re considering online, saving them a trip back to your store. Respecting your customer’s time, especially during end-of-year business, will always strengthen the bond they have with you and your team.

4. Cashless Payment

Make purchasing more convenient for customers during the holidays when you use QR codes at your checkout stations. This payment method will also appeal to millennial and Gen Z shoppers who prefer touchless payment options and dislike carrying around cash in their wallets.

5. QR Code-Based Specials Giveaway

Holiday shoppers want to save money while crossing off each item on their holiday gift list. Make it easier for them to find the best end-of-year deals your store has by running a QR code-based discount giveaway. A special QR code will connect them with the best discounts your business is offering this season.

6. Paperless Rewards Vouchers

QR codes can also be present on cash or discount vouchers. For example, you could give customers a $10 off or 10% off coupon when they spend “X” amount of dollars at your store. This type of QR strategy rewards holiday shoppers for buying and incentivizes them to buy more.

7. Product Packaging 

Incorporate QR codes in product packaging to build loyalty and promote a more interactive buying experience for your seasonal shoppers. It’s a way to remind them you’re there for them no matter what they need, so they can feel good about their purchase.

Need to update your store hours on short notice, like for holiday closures or extended hours? Simply update the link that the QR code goes to!

For instance, you can incorporate a QR code on a product’s back label. You can also create special cards that customers can scan that will give them care instructions for their new product or link them to a website where they can register their product online.

QR Code Take-Aways

My favorite thing about QR codes is that it will provide you with some insights. If you set the codes and the end videos and pages up with analytics you can learn so much. For example, which codes were scanned and how engaged was the customer once they loaded the content? Did the product cases with QR codes see higher sales than the ones that did not have them? Did customers have more conversations with sales associates after they watched a holiday team video? Digital tools can help your store build better experiences for your customers and give you more insights to gain more loyal customers. 

With these tips, you’re well on your way to having one of the most successful holiday sales seasons yet. For more tips on enhancing the customer experience and boosting retail sales, check out the following on-demand training sessions from Technology Therapy® Group.

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