AI: Something Old and Something New

Now Is the Time to Make Friends with AI

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Key Takeaways:

Understand the ways that you might already be using AI for your business.

Discover the benefits of using AI for brainstorming ideas, creating content, and organizing information and tasks.

Comprehend the limitations and caveats of using AI in the world of marketing.

ChatGPT is a big buzzword these days and has sparked conversations about AI’s role in business, education, entertainment, art, and more. However, it’s far from the first AI tool (and it certainly won’t be the last!). If you’ve been wanting to start using AI tools for your brand, but are feeling like an AI imposter, this blog is for you.

You Might be More Familiar with AI Than You Think

New tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing AI, might seem totally foreign to you. But chances are that you’ve been using AI for years without realizing it!

Digital Platforms

Many digital platforms you’re already using rely on something called machine learning, which is a subset of AI, to help you make the most of them. For instance, take digital advertising. Google Ads and Meta Ads use machine learning to determine what types of users are most likely to meet your campaign objectives (watch your video, click your ad, convert, etc.) and serve your ad to certain types of users. These platforms have also moved from a fixed system (i.e., where you provided specific headline and description combinations manually) to responsive systems (i.e., where you provide headline and description options, then the platform combines them dynamically based on the user and/or query). 

Project Management & Productivity Tools

As a business owner, you might also already be plugging into AI when it comes to organizing projects and enhancing your team’s productivity. Here are just a few AI-based tools that we appreciate here at Technology Therapy® Group that you might have used or be using for your company. 


This multi-tasking platform allows you to create rules to trigger actions based on other actions. Not only does it offer calendar and due date commands, but it goes one step further in that it automatically detects repetitive actions and provides recommendations for which ones you should automate using Butler Automation, Trello’s built-in AI tool.

This nifty tool relies on AI to automatically transcribe meetings, generate summaries, and more. If your business involves lots of internal and external meetings where documentation is of utmost importance, might be the timesaving and streamlining solution you’ve been looking for. 

Google Assistant & Alexa 

We bet you’ve used one of these popular tools to add to your to-do list or set a reminder. Voice assistants help keep us on task, both when we’re on the job and when we’re pouring our energies into the myriad obligations and joys of our personal lives. 

Editing Tools

If you frequently use editing tools to finesse the copy your business produces, then you’ve dipped your toes into the “pool” of AI. We here at TTG are huge fans of Grammarly. You can use this tool to spellcheck any content before you publish it on your website and share it on your social channels. It also generates citations to save you time as you create well-researched copy that gives your clients something of value. Last, but not least, Grammarly has a plagiarism checker feature, so you can avoid the taboo of duplicate content that can harm your SEO rankings (as well as your brand’s reputation).

Social Media Management Tools

AI takes the form of tools you use for managing your brand’s social media accounts and the content you post. For instance, scheduling tools like Meta’s built in Planner and a third-party system like Buffer offer posting date/time recommendations based on machine learning. These tools can also provide insights and content ideas powered by AI so you can tweak your future marketing strategy and keep the spark of inspiration going as you continue to generate and release content to promote your brand.

Chances are that you’ve been using AI for years without realizing it.

3 Tasks We Recommend Using AI For

When used thoughtfully and strategically, however, AI tools can streamline your processes and save you time as you push your business into the future. Here are three tasks we recommend leveraging AI for:

  1. Brainstorming
    If you’re stuck staring at a blank screen wondering what to write, turn to ChatGPT for ideas. It can give you the inspiration you need to move forward with blogs, social media, presentations, and more.
  2. Content Creation
    Use AI tools like ChatGPT to develop outlines for the copy you produce. It can be a great timesaver for writing different iterations of shorter evergreen content like social posts and email blasts
  3. Organization
    Racing against the clock to finish a presentation? Let ChatGPT assist you with structuring and editing your thoughts and data! Got a packed schedule for the day? Input your to-do list into an AI tool and let it generate a proposed schedule so you can stay on track with your goals (and retain some sanity!). 

AI tools can be useful for brainstorming ideas, creating content, and organizing information and tasks for your business.

AI Is a Human Tool, Not a Human Replacement

Like with any technology, AI has its limitations. For starters, AI tools are only as powerful and accurate as the databases from which they draw. ChatGPT, for instance, was trained on sources written before 2021. So, it has limited knowledge about any events, data, and information that originates after this date.

It’s important to review and adjust your AI-generated or AI-assisted copy for voice. Text generated by AI tools can be quite competitive and doesn’t necessarily consider your brand’s distinct voice. You will also need to carefully review and edit the copy to best fit your business. 

Another caveat with AI tools is that you may need to adjust your prompts several times. It doesn’t always understand what you’re asking it to write or your preferences and specifications for the finished copy.

You might also find with AI tools is that the copy it generates lacks personality or a certain tone or style you were looking for. Human editing can infuse AI-generated copy with the empathy and craftmanship it lacks so that the finished copy is more polished and personal.

Human editing can infuse AI-generated copy with the empathy and craftmanship it lacks so that the finished copy is more polished and personal.

Current Criticisms of AI Tools

New technologies always come with caveats and AI is no exception. Because AI tools were trained using art that has already been created, it may copy an artist so closely that one could argue it is plagiarism. Currently, the legal community disagrees about whether AI-created and AI-assisted copy is truly original and something that a human author can copyright. 

AI also poses some problems when it comes to imagery. In photography, it can have difficultly rendering human anatomy accurately. For instance, we’ve seen it create hands with just four fingers. So, be sure to closely review any AI-generated imagery for issues like this.

Go Beyond ChatGPT to Find the AI Tools That Work for You 

ChatGPT is the current industry darling. But don’t get so blinded by the hype that you fail to experiment with all the other AI tools out there! The goal is to find the AI tools that work best for your specific needs.

To that end, our team is currently testing a tool specifically for writing digital ad copy which analyzes past ad copy to generate new copy that will convert. We’re also testing a transcription tool that turns recordings about marketing processes and marketing platform tutorials into step-by-step guides.

Put More Time Back into the Workday

AI tools aren’t the only way to save time as a business owner so you can dedicate your attention and energy to the tasks that require more critical thinking and personal engagement. Here are some TTG-exclusive resources to explore to further boost your productivity and organization!

Guidance for Your Automation Adventure

Not sure where to start with automating your marketing processes? Book a coaching session with a TTG mentor who will be happy to share their knowledge and connect you with effective tools to boost your success.

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