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Calls to Conversions in The Time of Corona: The Benefits of Call Tracking Software

Calls to Conversions in The Time of Corona: The Benefits of Call Tracking Software

It’s no “secret” that the key to attracting new leads lies in running a successful marketing campaign. But how can small business owners discern which marketing campaigns are the most successful? Well, you can start by leveraging the data analytics tools made available by the majority of marketing platforms. Such tools provide insights that allow startups and small businesses to attract new customers by optimizing landing pages, websites, and other marketing mediums for leads.

Speaking of marketing mediums—what about phone calls? Since the onset of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, phone calls have been a particularly critical medium for bringing in new leads. In fact, according to Entrepreneur, call tracking and marketing analytics platform CallRail recently examined 100 million phone calls to small- and medium-size businesses, and what they found was that customers were calling in droves as they attempted to limit in-person interaction. Customer calls covered everything from services and products, to changes in buying procedures, safety precautions, and even business hours.

The Benefits of Using Call Tracking Software for Your Small Business

Without call tracking software like CallRail, business owners have no way of knowing what triggered callers to pick up and dial. Was it a Google My Business listing? A social media post? If so, which post was it? And on which platform? Sure, you could ask callers what prompted their decision to dial. But that also means keeping the caller on the line for a longer period of time— something most potential customers may not necessarily appreciate. Plus, a pen-and-paper approach means it’s up to you and your employees to track the source of every call; a tactic yielding a much greater margin for error.

Call tracking software works to answer these questions for you by providing data that makes it easier to optimize your marketing approach.


  • Lead attribution
  • Keyword research
  • Uncovering opportunities based on what customers are saying

What’s more—small business marketing and advertising metrics that don’t include call tracking are likely dripping in unattributed leads—and unfortunately, unattributed leads translate to unreliable data.

Here at Technology Therapy, we often recommend our clients use CallRail, as it provides access to comprehensive, actionable data that communicates which marketing campaigns are most effectively bringing in customer leads via phone calls.

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