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Terrific Twitter News: Schedule Tweets Without Using a Third-Party Tool 


145 million people use Twitter every day. Two-thirds of these users are male, and the majority of the platforms’ users are between the ages of 35-65. If that’s the audience you’re after – or if you’re in B2B – Twitter can be a very useful social media platform. However, Twitter isn’t always the easiest platform to use. Many… Continue Reading »

LinkedIn Introduces Seriously Useful Retargeting Tools


Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. When you’re trying to connect with people on LinkedIn, you need a more precise, targeted approach. New retargeting tools being introduced this month will make it easier to connect with the most appealing individuals: people who demonstrated some degree of interest in furthering their relationship with you, but stopped short…. Continue Reading »

Use Your Creativity as a Competitive Advantage – DIY Social Media Marketing


If you’re like most people, you spend a couple of hours every day on social media. This usually isn’t a couple of hours all at once – it’s a few minutes with your morning coffee, and then again when you’re on the train, and again on lunch break… you get the picture. And if for some reason you’re… Continue Reading »