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After You Count Your Blessings, Count Your Sales Channels


The New Year is here! You know what that means. It’s time to appreciate all the things we have in our lives that are working well, and start improving the rest. When it comes to marketing, a good place to begin the process is by examining your sales channels. If you want to grow in… Continue Reading »

The Answers to Your Toughest Business Questions Are in Your Data


One of the most challenging aspects of being a business owner is making good decisions. The world is changing every day, and so are our customers. Figuring out the right thing to do in a dynamic environment is tricky. There are lots of people who will offer advice, but how do you know what’s right… Continue Reading »

Understanding Data: The 4 Types of Data


If you’re interested in learning how data can help you grow your business, it’s helpful to understand what the different types of data are and what each one is used for. While the word data simply means facts and statistics collected for reference, that’s not enough of a definition to help you make sense of… Continue Reading »