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3 Red Flag Reasons Why You Don’t Need to – and Shouldn’t – Buy an Email List


“I Want to Expand Email Marketing Reach. Should I Buy an Email List?” I receive this question from business owners quite a bit. I get it— you want to expand your reach, connect with potential customers, grow your following, etc. However, when it comes to purchasing email lists, my answer is, and always will be,… Continue Reading »

The Final Countdown: Social Media Advertising Hacks to Boost Last Minute Holiday Sales


There are at least two types of holiday shoppers: the group that finished everything up – including wrapping and tagging their presents – in August, and those people who are almost ready to start their shopping. There’s nothing you can do to reach the first group at this point, so let’s concentrate on the second…. Continue Reading »

4 Ways to Create More Engaging Emails


Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing channels available to small business owners. This is true for companies who serve the public directly, and this is true for companies who are in the B2B sector. 53% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. Click To Tweet An oft cited static puts the… Continue Reading »