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How Many Social Media Platforms Do You Really Need For Your Small Business?


FOMO stands for the Fear of Missing Out, and for a long time, FOMO has had an outsized role in small business’ digital marketing decisions. Brands felt obligated to have a presence on every possible platform – after all, if they weren’t there, they were missing their chance to connect with the customers who were…. Continue Reading »


Pinterest To Introduce Search Advertising


The lines between search and social continue to blur, as customers seek out relevant product information on every platform. Pinterest has been steadily carving out a dominant role in the bridal, home, and how to marketplace. Now they’ve announced a limited roll-out of search advertising opportunities. Here’s how it works: If you’ve seen product listing… Continue Reading »


Social Media Makes Life Easier for the Luxury Brand


The Luxury Education Foundation recently brought together representatives from the world’s leading luxury brands – a group that included Hermes, Dior, Chanel and more – to discuss how they’re dealing with a changing market. Millennial customers have less money than their parents did, and there’s a tendency to prioritize spending on experiences rather than possessions;… Continue Reading »


Get Ready To Be Merry: Holiday High End Jewelry Sales Forecast Up!


The holiday shopping season is almost here. Get ready to be busy: according to a recent study released by the American Affluence Research Center, the nation’s wealthiest people are planning to increase their holiday spending by 4%. And if Back to School sales numbers are any indicator, the other 90% are ready to spend more… Continue Reading »